Things to know before Writing a Book

Things to know before Writing a Book

Writing a book is no easy task, there are several things you need to consider before you start to write a book. You might have a brilliant idea or a story that you would like to share with others but when you take a pen and a piece of paper and sit down to write the words wouldn’t just flow out of your mind.

So if you want to write a book, then the following are some of the things to know before you start:

Be clear on what you are going to write:

Deciding upon the topic is one of the first things you need to figure out before starting to write. Only when you have a clear idea, you will know what to write, and you will come up with various things that are related to the subject. Sometimes you might have a topic and it might be a great topic but you might not like the subject personally, and thus no words will come out when you sit down to write about that matter. So choose a topic which you will like and also pick a topic in which you have a vast knowledge so that you can share your experience with others through your book.

Ask yourself if your book is unique and it is has a place in the market:

There is no point in writing a book which is not useful for people. If there are plenty of other books on the market with the same topic, then it is not entirely enjoyable to write about the same subjects in different words. Try to figure out if your topic is unique and if it will be beneficial to the people who are reading the book. Only when people find it interesting and beneficial, they will buy your book, and it will have a place in the market.

Create an outline of what you are going to write:

Before you start, you can roughly jot down points on what the book is going to be. You can create a game plan before you start to write the book so that you will have a rough idea of what each chapter will contain. When you have an outline, it will be easier for you to write and you will not have to worry about knowing when to stop.

Set a word count goal daily:

Motivate yourself to write daily. Set a word count and make sure that you achieve that word count on a daily basis. You can allocate a part of your time during the day and consider writing down your thoughts about the book. A page might just be about 300 words, and you can write about 600 words a day or more depending on your schedule. When you achieve your daily word count goals, you will be able to complete writing the book in the time that you wanted.